AudioVisual Cognitive/Interactive Experiments

All of my life I’ve been perceiving music or sound as something visual, and vice-versa, it means, light is sound and sound is light.
In order to express, approach, and share this perception, I’ve created some audiovisual experiments …

Unity Idome TEST

This is a preliminar test implementing the Idome Setup in Unity from Paul Bourke
Mouse to look arround
Arrows or awsd keys to move
Hold down left-click to make levitate cubes
Spacebar to jump…
(missing unity attachment)

« created with Unity »


Two computers connected via MIDI (OSC protocol wasn’t yet there at that moment…) One with the MIDI score in a music production software, that makes the sound and sends a copy of the drum track to the other computer. This other with a processing sketch that reacts to the MIDI notes and controls. It just pulses the cubes sizes on every BD note and SD notes but with color variation, Camera moves regularly but reacts too to Midi notes

(Please, turn audio ON)

Interactive Wiimote in Processing:

A reactive sketch activated and controlled by Wiimote’s accelerometer. I had to use GlovePie and connect to processing via OSC protocol. The accelerometer gives direction and power where to generate circles…


Arrayois Audio-Visual:

A simple 3D synthetic space, where objects pulse and reflect… the same in sound…



Sincrotró 3238:

From the Lissajous own work, a piece that plays its game in the dialogue between waveshapes and sound…
Another aspect too, is what I call ‘time bending’, an effect created by moving notes out of time grid trying to hack the beat.



Just an animation where sound and image are synthetic, or a sound design exercise…