Audiovisual architectural projection mapping shows

Lately I’ve been involved in several Mapping shows.
My part has been, most of the time, blocks animation like object coreographies, taking special attention into music synchronisation.
I’ve been also, modelling high precision buildings’ facades based on pointcloud technology.
Other essential thing I’ve done is to prepare the 3D Master template model of the buildings, and 3D camera matching, a very specialised and determining task.
Lately, in more creative part I’ve created  fluid simulations, particles, and postproduction effects, all those synchronised to music.

Here a fast summary of it…

here are some videos about this kind of works.


Jaumet & Sophia’s Dance / Barcekholm


Working in NueveOjos studio from Barcelona, We created a Building’s dance trough two characters, Jaumet and Sophia. They represented every city, Barcelona and Stockholm.

It was the last piece of all the show, where Jaumet and Sophia, as parts of the building, begin to dance, and finally take a nice orgasm …enjoying love…

In this mapping show I’ve opened the whole buildin,g like a trans-dimensional door… just to create the “Going through the other side” effect… Some deep intrusions creating new spaces too.
Festival Mot Girona 2014

Mapping at Weilheim with Slidemedia

I had the opportunity to work with Fausto and his team at Slidemedia, for the Weilheim’s Lichtkunst Festival.

The building there, it has a square edge and I found it great to play with light and make it turn arround the column, so, we can see the building is empty!!!

The El Molino, cabaret-theatre in Barcelona, was abandoned for 10 years and was finally restored and renovated.
For the opening there was a mapping which explains its history, and at the end there was a part where the building lived a cyber metamorphosis reborn in a light and sound show
El Molino, Barcelona

Ajuntament, Barcelona

The festival of Barcelona, the City Hall building became “The Magic House” A complete full audiovisual Mapping show.
I’ve created the model of the facade from a scanning laser pointcloud. Later on, I deconstructed the model to cheer it on many blocks in a choreographic game of light and also magical transformations.
Watch minute 10:45 sec.
Tainan City Gouvernment celebrated new cheneese year in the new City Hall Building. I’ve created all the model and converted in several layers/groups of blocks.
Later I’ve animated those parts in combination with colored lights (something that chineese people liked a lot) to make the building vibrate and move…
Other animations were from Famous international and Tainan traditional buildings, which I’ve deconstructed in blocks too, and animated their construction-deconstruction for the buildings suite
Tainan New City Hall:

Castell Rei JaumeII, Perpinyà

In Saint John’s Night, in Perpignan city they burn a big fire to bring the flame to the rest of Catalan nation… It is a festival in the Gothic James II King castle at the top of the city… a beautiful place and ancient building (from the XII century).
In there I’ve simulated ‘Joanots’, a kind of fire spirit represented by balls of fire (nothing to do with J.L.Lewis the R’n’Roll pianist)
I’ve done as well some Gothic-mystic architectural recreation and an alegoric demolition of the castle
In the Plaza de la Corredera, Córdoba, I’ve created a fluid simulation with a lava aspect, The building structure represented the tubes where particles flowed inside… Lately with the building made of glass, it breaks in thousand fragmens…
Plaza de la Corredera, Córdoba