Synthesis and Lissajous


The Show is based on the synthesis of sound and its visualization in an oscilloscope in format X-Y. The music there


Lissajous Talk and Concert


A camera and a projector take the image from the oscilloscope and puts it on the screen of the scene. The author starts with a series of improvisation in the synthesizer and this comes reflected on the screen in the instant. Later on, other elements enter like the rhythm and AudioGeometrical figures from which we obtain a new musical language.

Lissajous Mostres





VAD Festival, Girona 2008

 Some improvisation on synthesis


Small conference speech about sound, waves, synthesisers and oscilloscope…  After the cut Sincrotró 3238 live performed
Punto y Raya Festival 2009





History and Theory:

Jules Antoine Lissajous (1822 – 1880), French Physicist who from 1855 developed diagrams Lissajous as a means to demonstrate visually the vibrations that produce sound waves. Lissajous first reflected a ray of light in a mirror attached to a tuning fork that vibrated and next another mirror in another also vibrant tuning fork. The projected beam was creating a figure, which depended on the amplitude and frequencies of the vibrations and their relationship .

The diagrams of Lissajous can be re-created on the screen of an oscilloscope, the produced curves depend on the relationship between the frequencies, and the amplitudes. the shapes of waves and their movements…

Lissajous Figures Liss_diap