A little research and self learning coding based on the Chaldni plates and drawings simulated digitally.

This work was granted by Telenoika AudioVisual community in 2007 and presented in Hangar in December 2008     (see pictures)

Special Thanks to Nikola Nikolov who helped me to solve the math detail with beter formula...

Those small interactive applets are coded in C++ for OpenFrameworks v0.05 in CodeBlocks

By Clicking on the imgs you can download the small .exe application.

Last two versions are on line interactive (Processing)



ErnstFlorens Friedrich Chladni was a German physicist and musician. He became famous for his research on acoustics and his Chladni plates.

By spreading sand on vibrating plates he generated those beautiful figures...

--A Black+White version--

Download code c++

--R+B+W Version--

Download code c++


--A GreyScale version--

Download code c++

Built with Processing HSB Version

Chladni Interactiu 02

...some Chladni mathematics related pages...:





Built with Processing BW Version

Chladni Interactiu 03 BW


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