Work in Videogames

(see Animation & Rigging here)

Ivanovich Games

I’ve been working for over a year and half in this company, developing almost all assets for several games.

Perfect Angle:

A game based on perspective puzzles…

Breaking Farm
A wired game with crazy protagonist Weeisenberg… I’v been creating the ScreenShots, some animations, some of the GUI , the Icon and Weeisenberg in 3D…

WeisenbergOriginalArt     Weisenberg_Icon



Several 3D Games from the Minidrivers-Minibikers 2D-Flash series

I’ve done almost everything concerning 3D… 33 circuits, cars, bikes, characters, animations, Icons, Banner and Screens for store…

LosMiniDrivers IconMD iconMD300


35Tracks 2016Update


Lococytes (Own Videogame)

In the production of my own videogame Lococytes!, I’ve been creating everything.
The environment, the veins in hexagonal mesh, the heart, the characters, rigging , animations, the enemies, the music, the sound…
Making of and Gameplay video: A very fast review to the creation process

Next videos are detailed timelapses of making every part, animating, rigging, tubular world construction, etc…

Animating Virus T-4

I’ve animated before the legs, one by one and, later the body movements…
Here is the heart, just skinned, and animated, The ventricles/auriclules are pulsating while the valves open and close.
Heart animation

Mike Surfing ilde

An ILDE animation of Mike, I’ve used Maya and HumanIK
To create bifurcations I needed to face three tubes, everyone with 12 vertex on the border.
I’ve welt vertex paired for every paired sides and at the end I needed to create a couple of new triangular faces.
Those faces had to be remapped and is the only part in all of the tubular world where texture breaks (just a little).
Eritrocytes Sprite Sheet

II’ve created all the eritrocytes floating in the game by pre-rendering as a sprite sheet and aplying to particles in Unity 3D game engine..