…Something I do really love are synthetic image and sound…,  and how it can give us colour, volume, and space sensation, by tricking our perception…

In a whole integrated person you can find distinct aspects interconnected, those are exposed here and classified as works, art, experiments, things of my interest… In general, things that I do, create, make, and love.

My last project: Hermitage Interactive Mapping show
Last Chrismass in Matadepera performing a videogame Audiovisual Mapping show…
today… a small geometry exercice… this time.  Quartz crystals… something beautiful by its shape…

Lately I’m focussed on Lissajous project with its variants (Lissajous Laser Synth and Lissajous Laser Installation )  because I’ve integrated the Laser beam on it

Finally I’ve reached to present it in Installation format at L’estrany Festival

I’ve done some small performances too,  here some videos, and some in the studio, with oscilloscope and laser too


in 2013 I’ve been creating the videogame LOCOCYTES! … take a look at the making-of and gameplay video!